Int J Biol Sci 2014; 10(3):321-326. doi:10.7150/ijbs.8456


STAMPing into Mitochondria

Seong Keun Yoo1,2, JaeHun Cheong1, Hye Young Kim1✉

1. Department of Molecular Biology College of Natural Sciences Pusan National University Busan 609-735, Korea;
2. Department of Biological Sciences College of Life Science and Bioengineering Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Deajeon 305-701, Korea.


Six transmembrane protein of prostate 2 (STAMP2) is a protein that has been extensively studied due to its association with prostate cancer. Currently, STAMP2 is well known for its critical role in metabolism and modulating inflammatory signals. Even so, the molecular mechanism of STAMP2 activity and its downstream effectors are still largely unknown. Here, we review the current knowledge of STAMP2, and suggest possible explanations for some of its less well-understood features. A few studies suggest that STAMP2 may interact with mitochondria. Considering STAMP2 functions as a potential component of mitochondrial biology may yield valuable insight into this protein.

Keywords: STAMP2, mitochondria, metalloreductase, metabolism, inflammation, insulin resistance.

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