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Int J Biol Sci 2018; 14(11):1426-1436. doi:10.7150/ijbs.27029

Research Paper

The Pro-angiogenesis Of Exosomes Derived From Umbilical Cord Blood Of Intrauterine Growth Restriction Pigs Was Repressed Associated With MiRNAs

Jia Luo1,†, Yuan Fan1,†, Linyuan Shen1, LiLi Niu1, Ye Zhao1, Dongmei Jiang1, Lin Zhu2, An'an Jiang1, Qianzi Tang1, Jideng Ma1, Long Jin1, Jinyong Wang3, Xuewei Li1, Shunhua Zhang1✉, Li Zhu1✉

1. College of Animal Science and Technology, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.
2. Mianyang Ming Xing Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., LTD, Mianyang, Sichuan, China.
3. Chongqing Academy of Animal Science, Rongchang 402460, China
† These authors contributed equally to this work.


Dysfunctional umbilical cord blood (UCB) is a key factor for the development of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) in utero. Poor degrees of angiogenesis were observed during IUGR development. Here, it was demonstrated that NV-EXO (normal piglet's Umbilical Veins derived exosomes) promoted angiogenesis within the subdued pro-angiogenesis context of IV-EXO (IUGR piglet's Umbilical Veins derived exosomes). Investigation of the miRNA transcriptome of umbilical cord vein and artery exosomes between IUGR and normal littermates showed significant differences between umbilical veins from normal (NV) and IUGR (IV) piglets. Similar patterns were observed in normal (NA) and IUGR (IA) umbilical arteries as well. Moreover, the miRNAs expession level was more stable in NV. Further analysis revealed that miRNAs related to angiogenesis exhibited aberrant expression in IUGR pigs. The miRNA expression patterns between IUGR and normal piglets showed great difference. Expression of miR-150 in the tissues and UCB exosomes of IUGR pigs was significantly decreased. Up-regulation of miR-150 was able to increase proliferation, migration and tube formation of Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs), suggesting a pro-angiogenic role. Furthermore, the data demonstrated that UCB derived miRNAs participate in fetal epigenetic regulation during pregnancy, suggesting a novel possible explanation for abnormal embryologic vascular development and several congenital cardiovascular diseases.

Keywords: IUGR, pig, umbilical cord blood, exosomes, angiogenesis, miRNA

This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-NC) license ( See for full terms and conditions.
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Luo J, Fan Y, Shen L, Niu L, Zhao Y, Jiang D, Zhu L, Jiang A, Tang Q, Ma J, Jin L, Wang J, Li X, Zhang S, Zhu L. The Pro-angiogenesis Of Exosomes Derived From Umbilical Cord Blood Of Intrauterine Growth Restriction Pigs Was Repressed Associated With MiRNAs. Int J Biol Sci 2018; 14(11):1426-1436. doi:10.7150/ijbs.27029. Available from