Int J Biol Sci 2019; 15(3):657-667. doi:10.7150/ijbs.30099

Research Paper

EBV miR-BART10-3p Promotes Cell Proliferation and Migration by Targeting DKK1

Kyoungmi Min, Suk Kyeong Lee

Department of Biomedicine & Health Sciences, Department of Medical Lifescience, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea


In Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-infected epithelial cancers, BamHI A rightward transcript (BART) miRNAs are highly expressed. However, only a few target genes of BART miRNAs have been investigated. Our mRNA microarray data showed that DKK1 was markedly down-regulated in EBV-associated gastric carcinoma (EBVaGC) cells. Using luciferase reporter assay we tested whether miR-BART10-3p regulates DKK1 by directly targeting the 3'-UTR of DKK1 mRNA. We observed that miR-BART10-3p transfection decreased DKK1 expression, while an LNA inhibitor of miR-BART10-3p (LNA-miR-BART10-3p(i)) increased DKK1 expression. Furthermore, miR-BART10-3p and siDKK1 promoted cell proliferation and migration. In contrast, transfecting GC cells with LNA-miR-BART10-3p(i) or DKK1 over expression vector suppressed cell proliferation and migration. Our results suggest that miR-BART10-3p may be involved in the tumor progression of EBVaGC by targeting DKK1.

Keywords: Epstein-Barr virus, BART miRNA, DKK1, cell proliferation, cell migration

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