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Volume 6 (4); 2010


Water Buffalo Genome Science Comes of Age
Vanessa N. Michelizzi, Michael V. Dodson, Zengxiang Pan, M Elisabete J Amaral, Jennifer J. Michal, Derek J. McLean, James E. Womack, Zhihua Jiang
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2010, 6: 333-349
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Research Paper

Survival of Escherichia coli under lethal heat stress by L-form conversion
Nadya Markova, Georgi Slavchev, Lilia Michailova, Mimi Jourdanova
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2010, 6: 303-315
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Cloning, characterization, and expression analysis of goat (Capra hircus) phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase (PHGPx)
Li-guang SHI, Wen-juan XUN, Wen-bin YUE, Chun-xiang ZHANG, You-she REN, Qian WANG, Xiao-ying WU, Lei SHI, Ru-jie YANG, Fu-lin LEI
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2010, 6: 316-326
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Generation of Fgfr3 Conditional Knockout Mice
Nan Su, Xiaoling Xu, Cuiling Li, Qifen He, Ling Zhao, Can Li, Siyu Chen, Fengtao Luo, Lingxian Yi, Xiaolan Du, Haiyang Huang, Chuxia Deng, Lin Chen
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2010, 6: 327-332
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Differential transcriptional analysis between red and white skeletal muscle of Chinese Meishan pigs
Yang Li, Zaiyan Xu, Hongying Li, Yuanzhu Xiong, Bo Zuo
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2010, 6: 350-360
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Regulation of Vid-dependent degradation of FBPase by TCO89, a component of TOR Complex 1
Yan Yan, Bin Kang
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2010, 6: 361-370
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Proliferation of Myoblast Skeletal Cells on Three-Dimensional Supermacroporous Cryogels
Deepti Singh, Vijayashree Nayak, Ashok Kumar
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2010, 6: 371-381
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E2F-1 binding affinity for pRb is not the only determinant of the E2F-1 activity
Fikret Sahin, Todd L. Sladek
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2010, 6: 382-395
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Sustained Expression of TDP-43 and FUS in Motor Neurons in Rodent's Lifetime
Cao Huang, Pedro Yuxing Xia, Hongxia Zhou
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2010, 6: 396-406
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