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For new submissions,

  • Please suggest at least 5 potential reviewers and provide their names, academic ranks, affiliations, and emails in the "Suggested reviewers" field. The reviewers must be credible and free from any potential conflict of interest. It is up to the editors to decide whether to use them. Note: At least 30% of the suggested reviewers must be from different countries. Please provide the website links of all suggested reviewers.
  • Please provide a cover letter explaining why the study is important and deserves publication.
  • Note that the number of references must not exceed 200¬†for any type of articles including reviews.
  • We require that the submitting author to be the corresponding author, who will ensure that the author list and author contributions are accurate and complete and that all the proper forms are submitted and accurate. He/she should be readily available for correspondence if our editors have questions or concerns.
  • Please provide all co-authors' emails in the submission. It is essential that all authors are aware and agree that the manuscript is submitted to this journal.
  • To ensure image integrity, please double check all your figures and confirm in writing in the cover letter that there is no image duplication, image manipulation, or visual plagiarism. If found, please explain the situation and provide original data pertaining to the associated images.

Note: To submit a revision of an existing manuscript, please login and follow the "Submit revision" link. Do not submit a revision as a new submission.

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