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Volume 2 (1); 2006

Research Paper

Dephosphorylation specificities of protein phosphatase for cardiac troponin I, troponin T, and sites within troponin T
Nathan M. Jideama, Brian H. Crawford, AKM A. Hussain, Robert L. Raynor
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2006, 2: 1-9
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NAD(H) recycling activity of an engineered bifunctional enzyme galactose dehydrogenase/lactate dehydrogenase
Virapong Prachayasittikul, Sarah Ljung, Chartchalerm Isarankura-Na-Ayudhya, Leif Bülow
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2006, 2: 10-16
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The effects of sympathectomy and dexamethasone in rats ingesting sucrose
Margarita Franco-Colín, Iván Villanueva, Manuel Piñón, Radu Racotta
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2006, 2: 17-22
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Short Research Communication

Seminal malondialdehyde concentration but not glutathione peroxidase activity is negatively correlated with seminal concentration and motility
Yao-Yuan Hsieh, Chi-Chen Chang, Chich-Sheng Lin
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2006, 2: 23-29
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